Taymes Hooker

Age: 20

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5′ 8.5″

Body: Needs Work

Born: In Wellington, on Zaphiel the 2nd, 1354 AU

First of all, Tay hates his name. So if you ever meet him, make sure you call him Tay or he might put a foot in your ass… Or at least he’d think about it. But in reality he probably wouldn’t risk dirtying his shoe. If there’s anything he loves more than himself, its his shoes. And if there’s anything he hates more than his name, its water. He can’t stand the stuff, freezes up around it. He blames his older brother for the phobia, teasing him by running the sink until it overflowed onto the floor. Poor kid thought he was gunna drown. Other than that, he’s as easy-going as it gets, and tries his best to avoid serious situations by cracking jokes instead… Unless you’re a bully, that is. Then the gloves are comin’ off, and the guns are coming out.

Greyson Wight

Age: 19

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6’1″

Body: Athletic

Born: In Wellington, on Raphael the 23rd, 1354 AU

Greyson was raised on two very different ideologies. His dad preparing him for life as a guard, and the horrors of the world. And his mom consoling him each night with stories of light and the lore of old. This has left Greyson torn between which path to follow. The serious nature of his father, or the romantic visions of his mother. Greyson is kind and thoughtful, a little too thoughtful for his own good actually. He tends to get lost in his own head a lot and overthink things a little too much. But luckily Tay is never too far from his side to pull him back down to earth again. They’ve been best friends since they were nine years old.

Nash O’Nasi

Age: 67

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5’8″

Body: Has a limp

Born: Ailanthus, Micael the 5th, 1306

Nash was once the feared prate Té Nova, “Blade Child.” Named as such for his proficiency with a blade, and the young age at which he committed such crimes. Sometime around the Fall of Animallia, Nash met the beautiful Jessica O’Nasi, who convinced him to retire from his pirating ways. And the two settled down together, Nash taking Jessica’s surname to protect himself has he began his life anew.


Samantha O’Nasi

Age: 20

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5’9″

Body: Curvy

Born: Ivy City, Camuel the 27th, 1354

Sam is an aeronautical engineer and heiress of the O’Nasi Corporation. But that’s just her day job. Her true passion is to unravel the mysteries of the universe, and tries her best to do so with logic and reasoning, though there is something deeply engrained in her, a faith that there is more to the world than only what science can explain. Sam is a seeker of truth, and despises those who seek to bend or cloud it. She is also known to take after her father’s more rebellious side at times.