The United Kingdom of Viæden was created in the year Zero of the United Age, after the New Animallian Kingdom won the War of the Infinite, and united the four powers of the region. This newly formed kingdom was named Viæden, meaning “the land of all life.” Not to be confused with the name of the planet, which is Gran’Viæden, by distinction.

For 1373 years the Kingdom of Viæden has been ruled by the generous and powerful Godfrey Dynasty, the current monarch being King Hero Huey I. King Huey takes careful consideration of his people with every decision that he makes, consulting with His Council of Dukes often, which is composed of the 90 men and women which represent each of the kingdom’s duchies, or provinces. Under the good king’s rule, Viæden has become the most technologically advanced kingdom on the planet, renowned the world over for its organic architecture and flying airships made of ceptris bark. This techno-boom was due in part to the king’s wise decision to ban all organized religion within the kingdom’s boundaries. Without the distraction of the make-believe, mankind has been able to blossom upon a foundation of facts and logic. King Huey has also taken it upon himself to spread Viæden’s enlightenment to neighboring provinces, and in 1335 liberated the Biazlé Mountains from the Kingdom of Biazlé, who was neglecting the hundreds of thousands of its people that lived there. The gained territory was then broken up into 8 Commonwealths. And in all of which, the quality of life has since been raised to match the privilege and well-being that all Viædonic citizens enjoy today.